Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week of Photos

Things this week have been up and down.
A little bit of this. A little of that.

But here's some cute photos that I want to keep to remind me of the good that happened this week.

Lily woke up asking for a bath when she just took one the night before. She asked me why she couldn't have another bath. I told her that she wasn't dirty. So Miss Lily went and put soup all over her face, hair, neck, hands, and shirt.....then came to ask me, "I'm dirty. Can I have a bath now?" *sigh
 Cati's sleep schedule is all crazy. After I was washing dishes I came over and seen that she fell asleep in this position.

 While Hailey was in her tumbling class all the other kiddos play outside. Today Lily wanted to climb up a tree to grab some little brown circle things. ( I have no idea what they are but they interested her) So she figured out a plan on how to get up the tree.
 Cati didn't want Lily to climb. See her face of concern.
 Alright she's doing it....
 Even though she fell I know she was going to try again. It's just her personality.
 And she did try again. This time she used the tree for balance support.

 I started on Halloween costumes this week. So I started with the easiest of them all. Lily wants to be Diego for Halloween. So I seen an super easy tutorial on how to make a shirt into a vest. So during nap time I made the Diego vest.
 Ignore that the pockets aren't perfectly symmetrical. When she woke up from her nap she was really excite to see her vest. Now all I have to make is her rescue pack and she'll be done. :-)
 I'm in redecorating mode right now. So Cati is helping me paint some MDF so I can make some signs for their bathroom to add to all that blank space on their wall. She really enjoyed it since the paint ended up on her shirt, hair, under her nails, on her lips, etc. Oh well...she's like me in this area. I love to paint so much that I don't care if I get dirty.

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