Friday, September 7, 2012

All by themselves

Today I must of spent over 6 hours telling Lily and Cati to clean their rooms. I know....6 hours! I was in a nagging sort of mood. I know I should have backed off and read one of my many books but.....I slipped! 
Anyways while I was at the temple with a friend Mike simply asked the girls to clean their room. Then he sat on his recliner, grabbed a soda, and watched some TV. Alittle while later Lily and Cati told Mike they were done. He gave it the seal of approval and let them come out to watch TV with him. 
When I got home the girls ran up to me, pulled my hand, and kept telling me, "Mommy, come look in my room. It's all clean." normal reaction when I'm recharged and renewed from temple visits is to grab my camera. And that is what I did.
 They are so proud of their clean room. Do you see it yet?
 All their clothes are piled into 1 drawer. I couldn't help but laugh. Mike reminded me that I should praise them for their hardwork NOT how they did the work. So I did!

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