Friday, September 28, 2012

My Acceptance

This post and the other are all about ME :-)

This week has been very humbling for me. There's been so many things that I've had to learn, accept, and then be grateful for.

Confession:  the last one has been the hardest for me.

Having Celiac has been a complete struggle for me. I can watch over and help Ducati without any complaining. But for me...I just have a very hard time. Maybe it's pure denial. Either way I'm having a hard time adjusting. And it seems that I'm still experiencing some symptoms like my extreme fatigue even when I'm not eating gluten. So after reading and doing some research  I'm trying to cut back on my rice intake. Which is hard since most GF things are made with rice flour.

But thankfully I have friends who are on either a GF, Paleo, Primal, or no grain diets so I've gotten some recipes from them. As well as Pinterest and all those recipes. So for dinner we had pizza with a cauliflower crust.
 I was skeptical but hey it only cost 99 cents. And it actually came out so good!!! The girls absolutely loved it. I ate an entire small pizza which was about 300 calories. I'm not going to complain since 1 cheese slice from Little Caesar's is 240 calories and 1 slice of L.C. pepperoni pizza is 280 calories. (info from here)

Mike says he really liked it until I told him what the crust was made of. Now he can taste it and won't eat it. Next time  I won't say a peep. But I have felt better today so hopefully this will help me in the long run. 

The Relief Society Conference that's on Saturday night. I got 2 tickets from my Relief Society President and I planned on going with my sister-in-law. But a few days ago she had to cancel. Her little baby isn't doing well. So I prayed about what to do and the answer was to not go. Man, was I upset. 
 Mostly upset with myself. I should of prayed about this before I got the tickets. Anyways....I put the tickets up on KSL  and within 10 minutes a young lady from BYU-Provo called me asking for them. She really wanted to go but didn't know how to get tickets. So when I posted them she was so happy.

When I told Mike about what happened he said that maybe I was prompted to get the tickets for HER and not me. Humm.... thinking back on it I can recall dozen of times when that's happened. So I'm accepting that not all things that come to me are really for me.

My lovely Mike. He's shining like a rockstar at his job. So much that he was transferred into a different department and is really amazing everybody with his mad skills. But he's been working alot of overtime. Hey- we have tons of debt. So does 3/4 of the world. But slowly we're getting out of debt.
 But I've have to learn that I need to cherish the minutes I do have with Mike. Usually we'd have weekly dates. Movies, temple, art showings, hikes, etc. But it's getting harder and harder since he's working around 60 hours a week (give or take) So I've had to learn that instead of going to the R.S. conference that would take up 5 hours of my time away from him. I can go to my local stake broadcast that will only take up 2.5 hours of my time. It's been a struggle since I was stuck in my old routine.

And I know it sounds silly but it really was. I didn't want to accept that things between us have changed. We don't have much face time. And he can't change that; so that only leaves me. Now I wake up with him (5am...yuck!) so I can spend some time together. I do ALL my running around while he's at work so when he gets home we spent all that time as a family.

Like tonight we went to the temple for the first time in 2 months. And  instead of a 4 hour trip we did the quick version and only spent 2 hours there. Afterwards we picked up smoothies from BK (thanks to a facebook coupon)  It was just nice to spend time with him. And the rest of the evening Lily and Cati played with their very missed Daddy.

So after a hard but humbling week I've had to learn that I can't always keep the plans I've made. I've learned that I need to be more flexible or I just might miss out on the blessing that are sent my way.

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