Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School

Our kids have been really excited to start school up again. They missed their friends, teachers, 3 recesses a day, and all that time away from their little sisters. :)

The night before school Mike gave all the kids a father blessings. It helped not only calm their emotions but also gave us as parents alot of insight of how their year is going to play out. Things have been peaceful.....so far :)
The week before I took Mason and Hailey to school so Mason can meet his teacher beforehand. He tried to look up her photo in his yearbook from last year. But he didn't find her photo. So he was getting alittle nervous. But after going to the school, walking the halls, seeing his new classroom, his desk, and meeting both his teachers (class and resource) he felt so much better. He was ready to tackle the world...or at least 5th grade :) 
Hailey- she wanted to meet her teacher but she wasn't in the class when we walked by. She was nervous that her teacher didn't know how to help her since she has her hearing aid. So I just sent an email which turns out to be helpful. So far this school year has started off on the right step. 

Here's their back to school photos.... 

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