Saturday, September 22, 2012

Neighborhood Party

Our old ward was throwing a neighborhood dutch oven party at the park last night.

Man I miss that ward :-)

Anyways my friends from that ward gave the OK for  Mike and I to crash their neighborhood party.'s not really crashing since it's for the neighborhood :-)

Our girls were so excited to play at the park/party.
The Young Women had set up a face painting table with tons of stencils for kids to pick from. Lily picked a rainbow but the stencil was too big for her face to the ladies had to freehand it. Alittle harder than imagined with a wiggling toddler.
 Ducati...she also wanted a rainbow which meant the YW  had to freehand it. It turned out great. She was able to even paint on a couple of clouds on Ducati's small cheek.

Here's Cati trying to lick the paint brush. I don't know where this kid gets it :-)
 Lily was so happy that the YW put sparkles on her rainbow. As you can see she loved showing it off. 
 Here's my attempt of taking their photo. Cati is looking at Lily's face. It looks like she's checking out her rainbow.  It's so adorable that they both wanted rainbows. I guess their more alike than I thought.
 There was also a Bounce House. YEAHH!!!!!!

 Ducati was frightened to go alone so Lily helped her up the chairs.
 But just because Lily was nice enough to help her up doesn't mean she helped her down. She was way too excite to slide down that she left Cati up top.
 Ducati on the other hand....was freaked out the entire time. She ended up crashing into a boy and landed on her head. There's Lily on the bottom cheering Cati on.
 But after that type of crash all she wanted was Daddy's cuddles.

 Which I think Mike enjoyed...see the smirk :)
Lily's sand angel...hahaha....I love this girl and her imagination.

Despite all of our kids adventures Mike and I had such a great time. There was so much great and yummy food. However with our Celiac me and Cati's plate was mostly filled with fruits and veggies.  Which was fine. I was grateful that they shared with us. But a friend of mine I was sitting with introduced me to a family who also has Celiac. We chatted for alittle bit and they kindly shared their GF dutch oven meal with Cati and me. We were so thankful for their sweet gesture.

We also had the chance to see and catch up with people we haven't seen in a while. Mike and I were amazed to see the kids we use to teach in Primary all grown up. And a few men from our old Sunday School were just astonished when they seen Ducati and how much she's grown. They couldn't believe how much time has flown by. (I think she was around 9 months when we left that ward.) I'm so happy that we were welcomed to their party. We had such an amazing night. 

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