Friday, September 14, 2012

Rock the Park-No Limts

While sending a message to a friend on FB I seen a post from the Station Park. It's a new strip mall that is being built close to my neighborhood. Any who..... they posted that the next 5 people who wrote a comment about their Summer Concert Series will win a VIP package. So I quickly wrote a comment. And within a few minutes me and 4 others won those packages! YEAH!!! I won 4 front row seats, a Swag Bag, and a complimentary photo. I was really excited!!!
Mike and I have wanted to go to one of these summer concerts but either he's tired after a long day, I'm tired after a long day, or someone is feeling sick.

But it just so happens to also be book club tonight. Dang!

So Mike and I figured that I would to go book club for alittle bit, leave for the concert, then go back afterwards. 
And that's exactly what we did.

When Mike picked me up from my friend's house we headed over to the Station and seen these lovely chairs waiting for us. Yeah- we felt so special :-) 
 Since the concert didn't start for another 10 minutes the girls played...

 and played.....
and played some more.
Here's my date ♥
Now the show started and these girls went WILD!!!
In the car ride to the concert we tried to explain what a concert was. I told Lily and Cati that it's where you sit and listen to people sing songs and play music. They seemed interested.

When the band first stepped onto the stage the girls sat in their VIP seats and just listened. Then the music started to take over them. First it was feet swinging.  Then head swaying. Added a few minutes later some hip shaking. After the first song these girls were out of their seats dancing the night away.

Lily's dancing with Mike on his lap. After the bands cover of Footloose she jumped down, threw her jacket off, and start showing us her dancing moves.

Lily really loved the concert. She knew most of the songs so she joined in on the chorus. It was really adorable to watch.
The only time I was able to grab Cati for a photo. Not the best but it's alright.

Mike and I were grateful for the front row seats. I didn't have to worry about them dancing into chairs or people. That was nice to not have that added worry.
Mike and I just sat in our seats and enjoyed the show.

Here's that photo of Lily taking her jacket off, throwing it into the chairs, and starting to shake her entire body. It's like Elaine all over again. :-)
I guess Lily didn't want me to take a photo of her dancing with Mike. See the teeth.

When the band started playing Bon Jovi Ducati went crazy. Ducati grabbed Mike's hands and started dancing all over him.
That's my girl.... Who can deny the Jovi?
This was such a great evening. I'm literally kicking myself for not coming to these concerts sooner. 
Here's me with my swag bag. A canvas bag, a black hat, a water bottle, and a business card. I was suppose to get a complimentary photo but I must of missed it since no one knew what I was talking about. But I can't complain. Tonight was so much fun!

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