Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Well Child Check Up

Ducati finally went to the doctors. After a while with no insurance (job changes) she went in to Mike's employer's employee and family ONLY clinic. I do have to say it's nice that only the families and employees have access to this clinic. There's no fumbling with insurance cards and info since it's all there from his work information AND optional same day appointments.
 And this company that Mike works for is really awesome that they give each household 1 free visit a year ( I think it's a year...don't quote me on that) So we got a mailer thing that says anyone could visit for free. So I picked the most expensive kiddo- Cati! She's behind on her vaccines so I made the appointment.
 She would not stop crying so finally I agreed to the 9am morning lollipop. *sigh
After that she was singing a different tune. Seriously- she kept on singing the entire time.
Her stats:
Age 2 years 8 months
26.8 lbs
36 inches long

What this means to me? She's 3lbs underweight and 1 inch too short. But she's right where she's suppose to me in my book. She's the littlest of all our kids which is funny since she's right where she's suppose to be with those CDC percentile charts. I guess this is what all other 2 years look like. :) And after some really awesome Disney Princess band-aids to cover her vaccine shots Lily, Cati, and I walked out of the clinic to see who?.....Mike! He was driving a forklift right when we walked up to our van. Such a blessing since it helped Cati calm down enough to tell Mike how brave she was. I guess this is the best benefit of this company only clinic- chances to run into Mike. :)

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