Sunday, September 16, 2012

Last Waterfall trip

We can feel the crisp in the air. 
Autumn is near.
 We've had to pull out the sock box, a few sweaters, the jeans are now in the laundry rotation, and leggings are being added to skirts now. 
So we needed to visit our most favorite waterfall one more time before it's too late. 
This time we packed some towels, drinks, and a quick lunch. Which made it so much more enjoyable. :-)

see the rainbow :-)
When we got to the waterfall spot it was much colder than last time. Even in the middle of the afternoon it was still COLD. Mason didn't want to play in the water so he just poked at things and skipped rocks on the little pond.
 Hailey....she didn't care. She wanted to enjoy it one last time.
 And this exactly what she did. And the kids loved that they seen a rainbow right in front of their eyes. You can see it behind Hailey in this photo.
Lily was the only one who was smart enough to pack a swimsuit. But most of the time she just wanted to climb. 

 Ducati. She just had so much fun. I couldn't be more than 3 inches from her but that doesn't matter. I asked her what would help her feel safer? She said, " If you shut off the waterfall so I can eat my lunch." I love this girl! ;-)
Mike was soaking up every minute while we were here. 

 He climbed up, over, and around the waterfall. He literally left for about 20 minutes so he could explore. Luckily I've mastered juggling kids or this might not have worked.

 He even worked up the gusto to go through this freezing cold waterfall.

 Get set.....
 There he goes...

He did it! 
 Brave, Brave man. I chickened out. It was WAY too cold for me.
But this fun outing was very much needed. We were all beginning to feel those stressors that life brings. And instead of focusing on making mountains out of molehill. We made these mountains full of more wonderful memories.

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