Saturday, September 22, 2012

All about Mike

Mike participated in his company golf tournament last weekend. He was part of a 4 guy team which he liked since it was all his buddies from work.
Now how the tournament was played- I can't explain it. Something about the best ball for each hole. So any golfers who reads this will understand what that means. Anyways Mike is a great golfer so most of the time he says his team played his ball.

He had alot of fun. His team didn't win but he doesn't mind. He enjoyed himself.
Later in the day there was an employee raffle. And Mike won an iPod!

And he was so sweet and gave it to me.
The only rule to having it is the KIDS CAN NOT TOUCH IT! ......EVER!
So easy enough. Deal taken :-)

It's been so nice. It holds notes, music, books, all my scriptures, random thoughts of things I want to do, a few games, camera with a huge photo storage, etc. I know most people have an iPod. But for $200 it's something that we never wanted.  But to get one for free- it's very nice :-)

Also new happenings for Mike. He was transferred into a different department at work. So now he is in shipping. Which he likes a whole lot more. Mostly since he doesn't have to drive a forklift anymore. Plus this transfer also changed his work schedule. He now works 4x 10 hour shifts. And Fridays will be overtime. But that means he's home both Saturday and Sunday. YEAH!!!! He's worked Saturdays for most our marriage. No big deal since I've gotten use to it. But it's very nice to have him home Saturdays. Today for example we're going to the temple, doing some work on our house, having an easy movie date, and who know's.... it's just great that he's off on Saturdays.
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