Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hailey has found her passion. For months she's wanted to get into an activity. But she wasn't sure what she wanted to do. Dance but she doesn't like Ballet. Acting but she only wants to sing in a play and not talk. Gymnastics but it was alittle too far advance for  her. But at least I had something that she was interested in. 
So after calling around I found this local studio that offered tumbling classes for older girls. I know....she's only 6 and that's considered old. After 1 class she was hooked. She's mastered a cartwheel within the hour class. 
 Now she's cartwheeling around everywhere.
 Even her little sisters are following in her footsteps. They'll do summersaults while she does her cartwheeels.
 Hailey's plans are to learn all she can then move to a different class or studio since she'll know how to do all those special flips.
 I'm just happy she's found something that she enjoys.

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