Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Never Mind

Today I took Ducati to see a doctor about her DH. And I am completely disappointed with the outcome. He wouldn't even touch her. The doctor stated that it would be a waste of time and the insurances money to test her for Celiac since she's needed to be on a gluten FILLED diet for a month. I explained that she is still getting exposed since she is still getting outbreaks. I even asked about the skin test where they take a few samples of skin cells to test for the antibodies. I've read that people can pretty much scratch over a test dish and call it good. But the doctor said again that it would be a waste of time and insurance money to test her since she might have some antibodies in her body but not enough.  So I asked him how long Ducati would have to be on a gluten filled diet and how much gluten that means each day. His answer: Everyday, all day, all meals and snacks for 30 days! He would give me a cream that is meant for 5-7 days only but beyond that....I would have my baby crying, bleeding, scratching herself raw, and looking at me with those "Help me mom" eyes. I don't think so!

But from his observation of her legs that she has DH Celiac but to be "Officially" diagnoised she'll need to eat wheat for a month (Not happening!)

So Cati walked away with nothing official except a really cool sticker.

So Mike and I are going to look into homeopathic redemies. Something that will leave her skin feeling cooled and not so inflammed. Something that will help with her itching. From what we've experienced with our DoTerra Oils I'm sure we'll find something.
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