Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guardians of the Hearth

This months visiting teaching message really hit home for me for so many reasons. The lesson was entitled, "Guardians of the Hearth"

I read this message so many times during the month but I thankful that by the time my partner and I could met up to go visiting teaching the spirit was able to break through to me and teach me what I needed to know. 

In 1995 President Hinckley gave the world the "Proclamation to The World" during the Relief Society Meeting. After reading the Proclamation he stated to the women, "You are the bearers of the children. You are they who nurture them and establish within them the habits of their lives. No other work reaches so close to divinity as does the nurturing of the sons and daughters of God". 

Sister Thompson was in the audience when she heard the Proclamation. At the time she was not married and did not have children so she thought that this message didn't apply to her. But just as quick as that thought entered her mind another message entered her mind that this message did pertain to her. She was a daughter, sister, aunt, niece, sister, cousin and part of God's family. So she had a responsibility to help strengthen other families. 

This hit me right in the face. I am a mother, daughter, wife, niece, cousin, sister, and an aunt. But beyond that I am part of God's family. As being a part of God's family I have a responsibility to help strengthen other families. I may be prompted to make a meal, sending an email, mail a card (who doesn't like getting mail that it's bills) or calling someone to see how they are doing. 

I realized that I am a list person. I write my daily "To-Do" list with things that I need to do. On an average day I'll have about 10-15 things on my list along with the normal day-to-day living of dishes, diapers, etc.

Anyways with my list I always have some sort of service that I get prompted to do but then I get caught up with all my "to-do's" and unfortunately my service comes last or just doesn't happen. 

But the last part of the visiting teaching message really pulled it all together. Sister Thompson says, "The greatest help we will have in strengthening families is to know and follow the doctrines of Christ and rely on Him to help us." 

So this meant to me that I need to make sure I am keeping my spiritual needs met. Heavenly Father has given us so many tools like reading scriptures, going to the temple, attending church, partaking of the sacrament, paying tithing, etc. All will help keep my "Light of Christ" burning bright so I can first feel the spirit testify to me how I am to be a Guardian. 

So with that I wanted to make something not only for myself but for the sisters that I visit teach.  I made these...
I picked up some candle holders at the D.I. for 50 cents each and I already had some etching creme. So I used some of Mike's painters tape, wrote my message out on the tape, and used my wonderful exact-o knife to cute out the letters. 

Each candle says "Guardians of the Hearth" with a small tea light candle to represent the Light of Christ that everyone carries.
I added a small copy of a subway art version of the Proclamation that I found on Pinterest 
Proclamation to the World

I know as a mom that I am the bearer of my children. I am the one who nurtures my children and establishes within them their habits of their lives. But a huge lesson that  I realized from this month's visiting teaching message was that I am the Guardian of my Hearth (definition "family life at home) .  No other work, not even a job at Target :-), reaches so close to divinity as does the nurturing of the sons and daughters of God. So this is why my place is at home. Being a homemaker is much more than list and diapers. It's doing God's work. 

So with stating that- we might be tight on money. But my spirit hasn't been more at peace than it has right now. And I know that the Ensign messages touch each person differently. The spirit tells you what you need to hear. I hope to not offend anyone who might come across this post; this post and it's message is all my opinion. 
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