Friday, February 3, 2012

Blue and Gold

Last night Mason had his Blue and Gold Scout meeting and it was really fun. Mike went into work late since Mason was getting his Bear Badge tonight so we all were able to make it.

But part of the evenings entertainment was a cake decorating contest! I know.....This contest was so in the bag! Well that's what we thought so I helped Mason make his cake entry but I did NOT do it myself.

I helped with the baking and cutting of it. But he did most of the frosting. But here's our cake end result

OK I also did the border and wrote BSA to cover up a few spots. But most of what makes cake decorating beautiful is covering up those cake flaws. But either way we still WON! Mason won the Most Scoutiest Cake! He was pretty excited! He said he never wins anything so he was really excited and thankful that I helped him.

So after the awards were given out, the cakes were judged, the dinner that was provided was all back into the kitchen- the tables went up and the kids went crazy playing so many games.
But when most kids seen that there was a cotton candy machine most the lines for the games went empty while all the kids were in this line. But since it was around 7:30 we left. 90 minutes of Boy Scout fun was enough for our kids. Plus Mike needed to get to work. But tonight was an extremely fun night for both Mason and all of us. :-)
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