Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Low Down

So this week Mike and I have been working alot on our house. So here's our latest projects-

I'm on the Relief Society Mid Week Activity that means we made every sister this (below) for their birthdays. Since my birthday was past month I was on the list for the first bunch to go out.

We made wooden blocks that sit on a mantel or shelf with President Monson's glued onto it.
 But no where in my house can I put a block without also bringing the risk of it being thrown. So I asked Mike if he would cut it in half (since it was so thick) and I just glued a ribbon onto the back. So now it sits nicely by my kitchen. I like it much better.
Next Mike's mad skills really were showed off in this project. In a home catalog I seen this entry coat rack thingy that I really, really liked. Our small 4 prong coat rack just wasn't enough. So I left this on the garage door a few weeks ago.

So 2 nights ago I woke up and seen this...

Then after about 6 seconds of admiring my entry coat rack it looked like this.... We move fast!
Mike made this for me out of an old couch. How awesome is that? SUPER AWESOME!! So it was totally free.

Another thing that we have been doing is re-arranging our furniture in our family room. Our house is very oddly shaped. And we're very aware of how awkwardly shaped our family room is. This would be a Feng Shui's Guru nightmare trying to make clean lines.

So we're in the process of changing some things up. When we're done I'll post what we've done but until now our house is.....

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