Saturday, February 11, 2012

Er' Thang

Er' thang was the first slang word that Mike thought me. It means "Everything" so here's er'thang with our family for the week.

* Mason and Hailey had parent teacher conference last week.

Hailey is doing great. (The grade scale is based on 1,2,3's. 3's being like A) So she received mostly 3's on her progress report. She had a couple 2.50's mostly due to missing a number on her address or writing a letter backwards. But the main concern was that she is saying a few sounds incorrectly. But for not having her hearing aid until now the teacher, Mike, and I were very impressed that she's done so well without hearing most of it. So with the help of her hearing aid she should have a better report card next term. Great job Hailey!

Mason entered school right in the middle of term so his grades were given much leeway at this PTC. Mason received  3's in his favorite subjects. He also had a few 2.50's but the sad news is that he received 3- 1's. Well in all honesty his teacher said that he would of received like .50 for these subjects but didn't want that to show up on his permanent record so she left these subjects blank. We were all very thankful for this. Mike and I talked with Mason that everyday he's going to have to work on these 3 subjects so on the next report card he'll have better grades on them. So everyday he's working on his keyboarding, cursive writing, and his math. But we're very proud of him for doing this well after only being in school for such a short while before the report cards were produced.

* Something else.....One afternoon I walked into the kids bathroom and found this! Lily didn't like how her hair was getting into her eyes. So instead of telling me so I can trim her bangs she took matters into her own hands.
 This hair was not all of it. I found hair in the garbage can, on the floor, and in the shower. So the next day I took her to get her first haircut. I know, she's 3 and she's never received a haircut. I just give her a haircut since she only likes one style, which is her bob, since she dislikes her hair touching her neck and wants her hair out of her eyes.

Here she is after her haircut. The stylist was really patient with Lily. But that doesn't mean that Lily was patient with the stylist. I had to bribe my daughter to even let the woman cut her hair since she was feeling those tiny little hairs on her neck which caused her to freak out.  So we're at the McDonald's inside Wal-Mart.
 After I ordered her an ice cream sundae she finally took her hood off so I can snap this photo of her hair. Short, Sweet, and layered to hide all those mis-matched spots where she cut.
 The look of delight from a bride!

* Something else..... 2 weeks ago I helped out in nursery. Which I was really delighted since I was able to spend more time with Ducati. But when I was there I was bothered to find out that since there's no permanent teacher in her class; there's only floaters who change every couple of weeks; no one knew that Ducati had Celiac.

Mike and I have been racking our brains trying to figure out how she was getting gluten when we've cleaned out house from top to bottom. But then after today I found the source- CHURCH! I was in complete panic mode when I seen all the cross contamination in her class. The soaps, the crumbs, the table with left over snacks that the kids can just grab.....(frustration*) But I was also very thankful that I received that call so I was able to see her and her class room environment. The next day I went to dollar tree and picked up some small containers and wrote this on them...
 The following Sunday, last week, I wrote out a letter to the teachers that is being kept in their lesson box so whomever is in the room will see and be able to read all the facts on Ducati's Celiac.

Here's Cati with her snack pack. Every week I plan to make her her gluten free snack for nursery so ensure that she's kept safe.She was so excited to be taking her snack pack with her last week. She felt like such a big girl!

 * Something else....our girls are really loving this fish tank! They stood in front of it for about 30 minutes while Mike went to see the doctor. He's been in pain for a few days so he went to the InstaCare a few days ago.
 That's where he learned that he torn his tendons off his sternum. Ouch! So all he can do is get some R&R and not lift anything over 20lbs. So he can't even lift Ducati for a week since she's around 24 lbs.
(staring contest. Cati's so funny)
 So Mike is off work for a week to give him time to heal. But after talking to his boss and being honest of how and when it accident occurred his bosses put him on "Off Duty" so that he can still get paid. We're are very thankful to hear this. I admit I was alittle worried; 7 days off work can put a real damper on our budget.

* Something else....
 I love the neighborhood that we live in. Everyone is so friendly towards us. So friendly that we will often be given some sort of baked treat. Previously I would accept it. Mason, Hailey, Lily, and I will eat it and I'll make something else for Ducati and Mike. But then I got to thinking...that it wasn't not only fair but it was border line selfish to take something meant for the family but not everyone could eat it. So I made this window sign that says

"No Thanks :-) We are Gluten Free"

It's not meant to be rude towards others generosity. I just want to keep my family safe. So I'm really liking this new home boundary that we have.

*Something else....

Our house is feeling alot of love right now. For the past 3 Valentines I've dread this day. I don't feel that it's a consumer based holiday. I actually like Valentines Day. I've just had some past issues that bring up some bad memories with this day. So this year our family is re-inventing this Valentines Day. No more romantic, mushy-gushy holiday. This year I'm focusing on the silly kid like feeling that most people get when in love. So this year our family is having a kids party! I made an invite, posted on our neighborhood babysitting forum and so far there's going to be 15 kids in our house for a few hours while their parents get a night of romantic mushy gushy love.

So for the past few days the kids and I have been decorating our house so the spirit of Valentines can dwell here. We  had fun making valentines hearts and making other party decor. It's been really great that I'm getting really excited for this years Valentines  Day.

Well I think that's Er'thang for the moment. Well at least er'thang that comes to mind right now.

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