Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Broke Down

Yesterday was the day of all days. If this week already hasn't been the worse ever Mike was driving to talk to a guy about a job when our van broke down. And not a small tear broke but BROKEN DOWN to the engine where he has to tear down to the engine to even find out the problem.

So he was stuck at a downtown gas station. Called me up and was angry. But of course he was...I would be too. Satan has been doing this absolute best to keep us down. And up until today he was very successful.

So while Mike tried to do a quick fix on the van so he could get home. I prayed. I prayed so hard that I was crying. I was over my sink, washing dishes, talking to my Father in Heaven, crying my heart out to please help us. To have mercy on us and please help us. That I understand that this trial is a lesson for Mike and I and I don't want to take away from this lesson BUT please help us. If he can't help us find work, or can't help us with our finance, then please help me with my testimony. To please help my faith grow from this experience.

After I washed all my dishes with my tears I called Mike to see if he was able to do a quick fix. He told me that the manager from the gas station was driving him to Auto Zone so Mike could pick up a few things. While driving Mike and this man talked and found out he lives in our neighborhood and he knows our old bishop. So even though our van broke down God guided Mike to this gas station, to this man who was willing to leave his job to help Mike.

Mike made it home safely. But while driving back home some things were damaged in our van . So now Mike is fixing it all. But this moment was the first of many blessings that God gave us.

I called my mom for some help since I was running low on diapers. After looking I only had about 3. I was planning on going to the store before all this happened. But she wasn't able to help out. But then after I hung up the phone with her my Relief Society President called me to see how I was. She offered to take me to my job interviews if our van was still broke. But after telling her about my diapers situation she came over about 30 minutes later with 2 packages of diapers and a meal for me. A gluten free meal! I had a casserole in the oven so that pasta meal is going to be our dinner today. She even picked up some GF cookies for Cati. This is our 2nd blessing.

Then I texted a friend of mine for some help with getting Mason to school and she gladly accepted taking him to school and driving him home. So this is blessing #3.

Blessing #4- Mike and I go to a class every Tuesday night. But not having a vehicle I called our instructor and told her that we wouldn't be able to make it. And since we go to this class every week we have a neighbor/friend who helps us find sitters. I called her to advise her to call whoever's turn it was to pass it along that we weren't making it tonight. But she offered us her car for the night so we can make it to class. We accepted gladly and were so grateful that she would let us use her car.

Blessing #5- Mason is part of a carpool a few days a week. So today was a lady whom I visit teach and has become a great friend to me as she dropped off Mason she seen Mike working on the van.  A few hours later I noticed that she called me so when I returned her call she told me that her and her husband were going out of town until next week and if we wanted to use her car until then. We were so touched by her and her husbands generosity. We grateful accepted.

Borrowing her car has helped us so much. We let our neighbor know we that we didn't need her car. But I'm sure Heavenly Father will bless them for even offering it to us. But now with this car we not only went to class. Mike is able to go to the store for the parts that he needs and doesn't have to wait for one of his friends to get home from work. I can go to my interview later this week. Hailey can go to her doctors appointment. I am so grateful that we have such a wonderful  friends and an amazing ward that when someone see a need and they serve immediately.

Of course I took this moment and talked with the kids about finding ways to serve others. Even if they are busy packing for a trip ( Blessing #5) or are taking care of their kids ( Blessing #2) or if all they can do is give a ride (#3) then that's what they are to do. That Heavenly Father will show you people who need your help and it's your choice to give it or to do it later. And we talked about how I prayed for help and then all these people offered us help. I told them that if you need help, as long as you ask God for help, since he loves you he will bring you the help. The kids really appreciated everyone's service..... but I think they really appreciated the cookies the best! :-)
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