Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kids Party

This year for Valentines Day Mike and I held a party.
So we cleaned the house, vacuumed everything, locked a few doors and had 17 kids and just us 2 adults. Some might of thought we were crazy or over-our-heads. But Mike and I- we had so much fun!

But before the party the kids had Valentines parties at school. Here's Mason with his valentines box. Mike helped him make it the night before.
 Hailey had a party in her class. So right when she walked in the house she opened her bag of goodies and she shared her candy with Cati since she and Lily don't get to go parties. Thought....maybe next years party we'll hand out Valentines cards for those who don't go to school.
 But then 5 o'clock came one showed :-) Everyone was 15 minutes late. Mike and I laughed that everyone showed up exactly 15 minutes late. But then the fun began!

There was swinging....

 Laughing...TONS OF LAUGHING!!!!
 Sock puppets...
 Some chasing......

 More swinging.....
 And here's my helper Lily. She helped serve everyone drinks when it was dinner time.

 Movie time.....We rented Cars 2 from Redbox. 

 Our little Cati.... she's so cute!

She loved going down her slide.
 I know this photo isn't the best....But see her huge smile :-) That's so adorable to see her enjoy herself so much.

The party was actually pretty easy. We had everyone play for the first hour. Then at 6 we called everyone into the family room for dinner. We had Cati and a few other kids sit at the table so they could eat their gluten free pizza would not being contaminated. While all the other kids at on the floor. We enjoyed some healthy snacks and topped it off with some not-so-healthy Lilt Caesar pizza. After everyone wiped their hands down so no one touched Cati they all  went back to playing. Some in the slide, some in the clubhouse, some played the Wii.

Then it was movie time. We pulled out our popcorn machine; which all the kids thought was really cool that we even had a popcorn machine. But while the older kids watched the movie the younger kids (3 and under) went back to the tree house room. They enjoyed themselves :-)

But then it was time for parents to start coming so we gathered all the kids to the family room and tried to track down their socks and shoes. Which I still ended up pairing up incorrectly. Oh well.... all the kids kept saying that they had so much fun at the kids party. When the last kid was picked up our kids were asking to go to bed. Within 2 minutes they were in dreamland.

And Mike and I- we fall onto the couch and ........
started planning next years party. Yeah- we all had so much fun that we want to throw another one next year. So with a few modifications it should be even better. But it was a great Valentines Day.

PS. Mike and I did exchange gifts. I gave him a silly gift box with some treats and debit cards. He thought it was funny. And Mike gave me a giant chocolate bar, roses, and his helping hand for this party. :-) Which I thought was the best gift of them all. Happy Valentines Day everyone! :-)
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