Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hailey received her hearing aid today. Mike took her to her appointment so I was really excited for when she came home to show me.
It's a loaner from the doctors office to see if it helps her with her hearing. They gave her a few tests to make sure it was working and to show her how to use it. But when Mike and Hailey went to the bank to cash a check Hailey tells Mike, "Dad, I can hear that banker talking to that other lady", while she points to the tellers behind the counter. He was really impressed. So it must be working.

So now lets wait and see how she does with school. She goes back to the doctors in 2 weeks for a follow up. By then we'll know if she wants a permanent one. And if she does (which I'm sure she will) it's going to cost around $1,200.

Thank goodness that we're on a tight budget this year.

But for Hailey- she's really liking it. The doctor gave her some stickers for her ear mold so she can change them from a puppy to a butterfly or whatever. And she really likes that it is a glitter pink color. And she really likes that she can ask us to talk quieter now instead of yelling to talk to her.
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