Monday, February 20, 2012

Let's get it out there.....

Mike lost his job! OK after the initial shock fades away lets get down to the facts.

We have 4 kids. No income. A small savings that will soon disappear since we have so many medical needs in our house. A home that we really love and will do everything we can to stay here. And the economy sucks! No matter what Obama or Yahoo News says it is still very hard to get a job now a days.

Since Mike came home with the news (wed.) I have been non-stop networking, emailing, updating resumes in hopes that he'll find a job soon. In fact I've been putting in application in as well. 

The 2 nights ago it really hit me. As we were eating dinner I looked over at my kids and the movie, "Cinderella Man" came to my head. In the movie they have a beautiful home, great clothes, a tightly rolled bundle of cash in his hand then the scene shows them in a run down shack, eating a slice of bologna for breakfast, and refilling the milk containers with water.

I know this isn't us. We are very fortunate to have 2 things. Unemployment and Faith!

Several weeks ago Mike recieved the impression that it's time for him to move on from his job. Mike has been at his recent employer for 2 years. For those 2 years is was a struggle every single day for him. The enviroment was unhealthy for him. He work was great, the pay was great, but the people....not so great. But for the last few months Mike's learned to not let their attitudes effect his behavior. Seems simple right? But it was alot harder than you think to stay happy when the people around you are so negative. But Mike found a way to not let them or anyone else in that matter effect him. He learned to....

Glorify God in all his doings. 

This simple little phrase helped him in more ways than I can count. So it was no wonder that he received this prompting that it was time to leave his job. So with this little phrase it's helped us know that Heavenly Father will help us. That God won't give us more than we can handle. So to everything that I said earlier...

We have 4 kids who are going to learn how to be resourceful. I knew people who were the children born from people who lived during the Great Depression. They have more skills than I could ever imagine. They learned to save and how to re-use everything. That you keep reusing something until there's nothing left to it. So our kids will be the children raised from the Great Recession. They will know how to have fun while only spending a $1 for all of us. They will learn to sew, mend, re-purpose, re-use, etc. Since Mike and I are the one's who make the habits of your children then they will learn some great resourceful skills.

We might not have an income but God will provide for us. Mike will get unemployment, we have our tax returns coming soon, and he's had to cash out some company investments so soon we'll have enough money to carry us for maybe 2 months. This will be a blessing.

 For our home-it's our home. If we need to move due to not affording it then we have to move. Our address doesn't make or break our family. And yes- the economy sucks. But all it really is is a numbers game (as long as we're not picky...which we're not!) The more applications you send out the best chance you will find some type of employment. So as long as we're diligent and keep applying we'll find something.

So I guess after letting it all out... we're going to be OK.

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