Monday, February 27, 2012

Kung-Fu FHE

So with so many things just falling apart around us our family started to be in a real funk. So Mike and I pulled out the big guns to get some cheer back in our house. So tonight we made Family Home Evening SUPER AMAZING!!!!


The kids had no idea what we were doing. For FHE we talked about the reason why we had FHE. We read scriptures, sang a song, and talked about how FHE help families stay happy. After we talked for a minute Mike and I felt the kids understood what we were talking about. So we started the activity part of FHE.

Earlier that day I received a free Redbox code so Mike picked up Kung-Fu Panda 2 for us.


I made Chicken Stir Fry for dinner. I know Mike said I should of made noodles but I knew that wouldn't fill up my family.
But the kids enjoyed it. After everyone was done with dinner I pulled out these....
Target had these on markdown a while back from about $2.50 each. So I picked up 4 and tucked them away for our next themed movie night. Everyone was so excited to get a Warrior pack that within minutes ninja stars were flying pass my face.

Every time someone started fighting in the movie the kids would play along and pretend to be fighting some evil villain. We had so much fun that I actually forgot all the trials we're currently in for that little while.

The kids laughed so much that I can still hear their squeals from when they were jumping from the couch onto the floor trying to copy the famous ninja kick. It was nice to have a reminder that even though things are tough for the moment we still need to smile. And that's what we did tonight. :-)
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