Monday, February 20, 2012

The Leonardo

Since it's a holiday weekend I took myself off this laptop (from job hunting) and planned a date for Mike and I. We had a gift certificate for The Leonardo so we dropped off our 2 little ones and enjoyed this weird museum.

 I love art! Mike loves science and technology! So I thought that this museum would be a right mix for both of us to enjoy. But if this is what our 2 passions look like- then we'll keep them separate. There was plastic pieces warped to show algae. Google Map center to show the different cities in Utah. A movie staring chairs. All alittle too "out-there" for us.

But there was an activist photo gallery that showcased photos from the 60's during the civil rights movement. It was extremely touching looking at these photos that captured strength that African-Americans had during this period. Here's Mike with his favorite photo. Mike's a big fan of Gandhi. And a while ago we had a FHE about Martin Luther King so he really liked how Martin Luther King was following Gandhi's example as well.

Anyways back to the museum there was a small station that showed how life would be like with living with a prosthetic arm or leg. So we tried that out.

Mike did actually well making a tower with the hand-thing.

After all was done and seen we left and headed to McDonald's for a nice sweet treat. Total date was under $8. Not bad :-)

I love going out with my hubby. So I guess being unemployed has it's upsides since we get to spend more time with each other.
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