Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What happens when a painter and carpenter fall in love?

Alot of Before and After photos....

Before.... Cati and Hailey's room
After.... Hailey now has a bedroom nook in one of the closets
Hailey has a top shelf with some bins for her clothes. A couple of shelves for all her knick knacks. A nice full size bed with all her pillow pets and teddy bears on it. And underneath she has a club house with a huge pillow and her box of toys.
Mike made the ladder gate for her and the frame for her bed.

 I painted it with the inspiration from those black and pink wallpapers (above) people can put on their blogs, MySpace, or cell phone. I told Mike I remember these from when I was a kid so I thought she would love it as well. And she did- she loves it all!

And the AFTER for Cati and Lily....

 Mike made them a bunk bed with a ladder and an awesome slide. They each have their dressers attached to their bunk bed. Underneath the bed they each have a corner for their toys. I painted the room to look like a treehouse. Mike and I always wanted a treehouse when we were kids so this just fit perfectly!

So all 3 girls are in 1 room now. But then again the way we did it we made 2 rooms from 1 bedroom. It works for us.

And I don't have a before photo of Mason's room since he and Lily shared it for alittle bit. Then Mike and I made the nook with Mason in the same room with Hailey. Then it didn't feel appropriate since Mason is entering the pre-teen stage so we changed it all and put him in his own room. 

So this is his AFTER photo...
 This room took us around 8 hours to complete. Mike made those brick shelves to look like the bricks from the game. And made Mason his bed frame from some wood blocks.

And the rest of the room  was me and tons of paint. I seen that you can buy these decals from anywhere $25-75. So I used all those art lessons that my parents gave me to paint Mason all these pictures.

Mason was so happy when he seen this room. And I had so much fun painting all of this. Mike helped me realize that the reason why we redecorate so often is because we both have these skills that we hardly ever get to put to use so we find ways. That I miss painting so a couple of times a year I just have to paint. So I have tons of canvases in my house (aka the walls) so I just grab a brush and go at it. And Mike's the same way. He has the talent of design and carpentry that he just needs to make something other than fixing those little boring things in our house.So I am very thankful to have a spouse who understands this urge I get. 

So what happens when a painter and a carpenter fall in love? Inspiration! 

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