Friday, March 2, 2012


Being on a very tight budget this has really helped me enter into the world of homemade products. Having a family who is on a gluten free lifestyle is really, REALLY, really expensive. Cleaners, lotions, soaps, lotions all have to be gluten free and without fragrance. So I would buy the 7 oz lotion for $11 or the 7oz hand soap for $9. Until I seen the directions on Pinterest on how to make your own hand soap.

So I used a bar of Kiss my Face Olive Oil soap, grated it, boiled it in a pot with 7 cups of water and added 2tbs of glycerin that I ended up ordering from Amazon. So total out of pocket cost around $6. But after about 30 minutes of work I was able to make 2 bottles of hand soap ( I just emptied the Dial down the sink. It's sad that I had to waste it but that's toxic stuff in our home) and I made 2 large mason jars of body wash and 2 small travel size bottles of soap. I really hate taking Cati to the bathroom and not allowing her to use their soap since it's all gluten-fied. But with alittle time I saved us about $50. Now to tackle making lotion.
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