Friday, June 24, 2011

Family Reunion

Being a parent can mean that at times I am going to be more focused watching our kids than remembering to take photos.....and this was one of those times.

Mike had his family reunion tonight. It was nice to see some family so I was focused more on my kids so I  selfishly only took photos of them.

Since we got to Aunt Springs 1 hour early we were able to mingle before the crowd and our kids enjoyed that playtime.
Mike and his Aunt Spring are enjoying some hula- hooping
 Mason learned how to hula-hoop just a few minutes before me taking this picture. Fast learner!
 Cati and proof photo that I was there :-)

After everyone started showing up I put my camera away since Hailey was now misbehaving. She sat by me and had to "enjoy" in adult talk. Oh well...she enjoyed herself since she's a little grown up.

But Lily was a sweet treat to everyone. She asked her cousin to help make her plate. This is what happens when there's no parent supervision. A plate full of cherry tomatoes, cheese balls, and chips.

 Cati's problem solving skills. Doesn't she look like Lily from our wedding reception.

But it was a great evening.
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