Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Plans

I have really enjoyed this past week. No lessons. No appointments. No teacher meetings. It's wonderful. So this week we've done a few summer things.

#1- Mike loves the movie Tron. So while doing at Target showing Mason about saving money at a grocery store. I love how for his Bear Scout pass off he needs to learn to be money wise....Anyways I seen this Anti-Gravity RC for double clearance. Of course I picked it up and of course Mike loved it! It drives on awesome is that!

#2- We had a great visit with Sarah and Eric. Our kids are so funny together. Cati is chillin' on a chair.
Lily delighted on the swinging chair.

 Hailey and Eric were playing airplane on the swings.

Mike was being so handsome cuddling Ducati until......

 she tried to knock him out.
After our visit we picked up some Little Caesars...we love $5 pizza.... and headed to a park for a nice evening dinner picnic.

#3-Service project-  I have learned to art of coupon shopping. So with our monthly grocery budget I have been able to double the items with every trip with only spending the same amount. So with learning how to coupon we are able to donate alot more than we would have normally. With this service project we chose to donate to the YWCA.

It's been a great beginning to our summer vacation.
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