Thursday, June 9, 2011


Mason got his final report card in the mail today and he got 7 "E's" and 1 "P" in music.
What's an "E and P"? Well when growing up I would get report cards with either ABCD or F. But we get grading on this scale-

E for Exceptional Progress
P for Adequate Progress
N for Needs Improvement

I'm not sure if all schools have this type of grading system but this is fine by us. He likes looking at the paper and reading that he's exceptional. He's such a ham. But we're so proud of him for all his hardwork and giving it his all at being homeschooled. He's still alittle behind due to his autism but he's grown so much this past year. His teacher said his test scores improved so much that she's amazed.

Right now he's enjoying this last week of no lessons. Starting next week it'll be time to start cracking open those 4th grade books so he's prepared for the next school year. WOW-he's in 4th grade! Where did the time go?
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