Friday, June 10, 2011


 Mike and I had such a great date night tonight. Don't get me wrong we have some awesome home dates but we absolutely love going out for dates too. Something about getting out of the house, ignoring all our chores, and just spending time with eachother- It's the best!
Anyway I thought up a great date to us.

                  "A Need For Speed"                          

With Mike having his bike done I thought it would be fun to have a date based around a speeding ticket (that he got not to long ago). So with that in mind I started on making a speeding ticket that would showcase what we're doing for our date. Plus since Mike's the one getting the citation for all his violations; he would  have to be the one who follows the payment requirements. So after having some fun filling in the info I gave it to Mike.
 He's pretending to be bummed about getting his speeding ticket but he actually loved it!
 Especially the payment requirements-

1st citation payment was to take me on a motorcycle ride that would leave me with a smile on my face. CHECK
2nd citation payment - get to Hollywood Connections to see the movie "Fast 5" CHECK
(Our funny "it's-so-super-bright-outside-after-you-come-out-from-a-theater photo)
 If you enjoy 2 1/2 hours full of muscle man cars and races then this is your man movie pick.  I guess it's pay back for having Mike watch Momma Mia with me. Just joking- I really liked this movie and had great appreciation for those racers. After helping Mike in the garage several times- I know it's hard work to get your car in top notch speed racer shape.

3rd citation payment was to take me for a fast meal at a spot that will get us IN-N-OUT  CHECK

Last citation payment was a kiss to conclude our date CHECK
So after all his hard work I let him off with a warning and threw out his ticket. What can I say- I'm a sucker for my hubby and just as guilty for needing alittle speed.
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