Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Mike....he had such a long day of service....that when he was done he told me he wanted do to something fun with us. So sweet! After shooting some ideas around he decided he wanted to go to the drive-in. So we packed our van with junk food, blankets, camp chairs and headed to the drive in to see Kung-Fu Panda 2.

Since we went today we missed the weekend crowd so that was awesome!

 Our kids were so excited....but everyone wanted to do something to pass the time.....

 Cati wanted to eat....
 Hailey wanted to eat.....
 Lily wanted to be sneaky....see 1 hand in the bag and 1 smile straight towards the camera.
Mason....he just wanted the movie. He must of asked us like 20x's "How much longer?"

 Mike.....he just wanted some ice for his soda. However since he's such a great dad he took our tarter-tots with him. 

But after his ice run Mike was being so cute relaxing in the back of our van.
Then the movie finally started everyone was so happy. The movie was great!
Theater highlights: Ducati fell asleep 10 minutes into the movie. Lily loved the Drive-In screen so much that she asked to have a TV the same size as the screen for her room. Mason and Hailey just sat in their camping chairs and enjoyed every minute of the movie. It was such great family outting.

( I know this is a bad photo of Lily but I just love when a photo has all those light streams over the picture. It looks awesome!)
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