Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kid friendly reception

Mike and I had this idea for a kid friendly reception. So we picked kid friendly food (Pb&j, grill cheese, chicken nuggets, licorice, brownies, etc) and the tables were set with cups of crayons and our flowers. Red and Yellow- it's our birthstones. This was the only table that didn't get destroyed. I don't know how Daina worked her magic but she did a great job!
But things went great (besides being 1 hour late to our reception) but my friends really came thru for us. They set up everything and got things started until we came. Thanks girls!

But here's the photo gallery of our nice reception:

Mike, his dad Brent, nephew Kyle (Brent flew from CT to be here)

Ducati with Grandpa BrentMike and SueHailey and Izzy was so cute how they hit it offDucati being held by Rich. She was being passed around so much tonight. She gave up crying a long time ago.
Mike laughing at his friend Chad. He doesn't do well with kids. He was nervous with so many kids. So when a bouncy ball hit his chair he jumped like 3 inches off his seat. That's when Mike laughed. But Chad's a great guy.
Melisa and her boyfriend Rich. They're so cute together.
The Miller family from our ward. Daina, Aaron and Katie.
The Anderson and Kadarusman's. Mike is their home teacher. They made some delicious Chicken Curry.
The Portter family
Julia and Steve
The Simister family.Ducati is being held by Megan. And Heidi is holding Megan's daughter, Molly. I've knew these girls since 8th grade. Peter Lassig and his wife.Caitlin....she looks so cute. Her mom, Diana, is holding Ducati in the background.
Now our kids....
Our cake....It took me so long to come up with an idea for it. We kept looking at romantic designs and I would sketch some ideas but nothing felt right. So Friday night it came to me. We're not some fancy-pants couple~we're a playful couple. So what better way to show that than this design.

See the bags in the background. We wanted the kids that came to our reception to have something to do to preoccupy themselves so we made kiddie bags. They were filled with pencils, bouncy balls, stencils, papers, activities books, erasers, stickers, etc. These bags were a big hit.....until the balls hit the walls and the paper started to fall down. Sean tried to save it but kids will be kids. Oh well..... it was nice while it lasted.

But here's some fun cake photos of Lily and her great problem solving skills....

There was a few things that Mike and I didn't get a chance to do since we were late. But looking back the most important thing was that these people were able to share in our special day. So I would say our reception was a great success.
(PS Mike and I did the robot for our first and only dance)
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