Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day

I have to say that I lucked out finding a partner who strives to be a great father and wants to raise our kids to be great people. So to celebrate Mike's "Greatness" this Father's Day we did....NOTHING!!!

After chatting with our kids we decided that Daddy works too much so he's going to have a day to relax and be pampered. Which was a nice change of pace since we as a family never to nothing.

We started this wonderful celebration by making Mike breakfast in bed which all the kids asked for bites of his meal. And since he's such a champ he shared with everyone. Lily's holding his homemade card that tell him why everyone loves him.
After eating his delicious meal he changed from his clothes to his new set of PJ's and came out to our living room which was transformed into the "Daddy Day Spa".  Our kids wanted to help Mike relax so everyone did a service for Mike.

Hailey painted his nails with clear polish.
 Lily did his hair.
 Cati lotioned his hands. Well...more like she just rubbed her fingers in his palms with a dot of lotion. Still very sweet.
 And Mason gave Mike a quick back massage.
It was fun to watch our kids pamper their dad. I could see how special our kids were feeling after they accomplished their relaxing service for Mike.

After Mike's Spa treatments our kids went crazy trying to give him all his gifts.... I think Mike got alittle overwhelmed by everyone coming at once but all was well...he was excited for all his daddy gifts.
A better pic of his gifts.....
A&W sodas with tags that say "To my AW-esome Dad" and each kid colored a picture on their tag. Mike's Dove Man Tool and some of the Dove line. His new photo dog tag. His new PJ's. Some movies, some gift cards to 7-11....mostly everything that I featured on "Or so she says"..........BUT one more thing that is actually really awesome. A personalized photo system set from Origaudio.
It has our kids photo printed onto the screen with the message "We love you Coach!" Go Lions! Mike loved all his gifts but now to start the NOTHING!

We watched movies pretty much all day. All Dad movies like Father of the Bride, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Prince of Persia (well that wasn't really Dad related but our kids dad love that movie so it counts)

Why is Mike holding a cake? Mason had the thought that the "Happy Birthday" song could be changed to "Happy Father's Day" so once our girls heard his idea everyone was on board to make Mike a Father's Day Cake with candles and sing to him. I laughed the entire time but our kids made it through the song then laughed. But Mike liked the idea...4 candles, 4 kids, 4th Father's sorta his Golden Father's Day.

 Anyways we all had a great Father's Day doing NOTHING! Yes- Mike in his PJ's from when he woke up to when he went to bed. And Yes- our kids were actually really well behaved. It might have to do with me telling them to be nice or be in time maybe it helped...alittle.
But after I tucked all the kids into bed he said this was his best Father's Day yet. That he felted good about being a dad. Well my mission was accomplished.

PS What's up with the bowl? When I told our kids to put their cake bowls away and get ready to brush your teeth. This is what I found in Ducati's crib. She put her bowl in her bed and ran to the bathroom to brush her teeth. I love her personality!

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