Wednesday, June 8, 2011


A few days ago I had a life changing moment. A moment that made my heart ache. Mike, our kids, and I went to our local YWCA in SLC to drop off some donations. As I went inside to ask where I can leave my bags of toiletries I over heard the reception talking to a women on the phone. I didn't mean to ease drop but my heart just sank to my stomach when I heard this conversation.

There was a women on the phone who spoke with such fear in her voice that it made my stomach turn. This women was trying to escape her abuser. He was following her and she was in need of immediate aid. After the reception took all this information from this women the staff worker told this desperate woman that the battered women's shelter was full. That she could refer this women to another shelter. I ached in fear for this abused woman. The women on the phone just hung up. Something I would of done out of full disappointment and hopelessness. I left my bags at the front desk and went back to our van to tell Mike what happened.

I have a close friend who works at the YWCA who told me that they are in desperate need of donations. Due to lack of funds close to $400,000 they have to turn away people. They have the beds but no funds to help these women and children. This fact made me so upset. Knowing that the woman I heard earlier could of gotten help if there were funds.

So I did the best I could do for that moment. I invaded Facebook and emailed people to tell them about the experience I had encountered. I prayed for help. Help for all those women who are in need and I prayed for help for myself. Help that I will know what to do and how to help the YWCA.

And I am so amazed at how many people are willing to help. Friends and family from in state and out of state are all pulling together to help the YWCA. I feel truly blessed to know so many caring people. It's amazing that everyone can make a difference.
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