Friday, June 10, 2011


Mike hurt his toes about 3 weeks ago and due to his injury he wasn't able to run in his 1st 5k. But I didn't want him to lose out on the feeling of some friendly competition. So I thought it would be super fun to have a Family Triathlon. But not your typical swimming, biking, and running. We had a 7 house run, scooter, and soccer race. It was so much fun!

I made these the night before... gold coin chocolates and red ribbon. So easy and so awesome!
First divide into teams- My team was Team Candy and included Mason and Lily. Mike was Team Lions and included Hailey and Ducati. So now some time for some stretching and prepping...

First up- Mike vs Me- 7 houses back and forth. Ready, Set, Go!!!

I have to say that I wasn't even close to being next to him. I don't run...not at all...and here's Mike- he was training for a 5k and I'm up against him. So it wasn't a surprise when Mike tagged Hailey before I was even half way done

But that's OK- When I tagged Mason all things were good. See how far of a distance they were...Yeah she had a GOOD head start.
After they went scooting the 7 houses and back Mike and I were ready with balls so Cati and Lily could kick it to the curb by our mailbox. So once Hailey and Mason tagged our tarter tots they were so confused on what to do. So Mike and I were both yelling "Kick It!" (yelling in a nice sporting way) But Lily got to it first...and kicked us to be the winners!
Yeah Team Candy!
Hailey did not enjoying beings 2nd place.

But since this was a family activity every one's a winner for participating. Go Team Lions!
This was a fun way to get in some exercise and have a great bonding moment.
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