Sunday, March 31, 2013


We had an amazing Easter holiday. 

First, as a family we did our Easter Resurrection Eggs for the 12 days before Easter. It was so nice to watch and listen to my children as they talked about the happenings of Christ. 

Second, we had our family egg hunt. But this year I added a little twist. My visiting teacher told me about her family tradition in which the kids hide eggs for the adults. After the adults find all their eggs it's the kids turn to go out and find their eggs. 
So we did this as well. After hearing Mason and Hailey hatching a plan to hide the eggs in the trash can I advised them that if they made the egg hunt easy; we'd make it easy. However if they make the hunt hard... to just imagine what Dad might do. (Hide the eggs on the roof or up in trees) 

So while Mike, my mom (<--- she joined us for our Easter gathering), and I waited inside for the cue to go and find our eggs. 
These kids made it SUPER EASY!!! They put all the eggs in a circle and Hailey even pointed us in the direction of where to find this big circle of eggs.

Silly Kids! That was alittle too easy. :-)

Now the kids turn to wait inside. Grandma stood watch at the door to ensure no peeking or sneaking. And as usual we let loose each kid from youngest to oldest with a 5 second gap between persons so they can run and find some before they get trampled by the bigger kids. 

Cati was way to fast for my camera to catch her. And yeah- Mike's helping her out. She'll always be his baby girl in his eyes. 

Next Lily....

After her 5 second head start Hailey followed behind her....

and last but not least Mason. He charged out of our house like he's hunting for a million bucks.

So this year Mike and I added alittle more to our egg hunt. (Hey! Our kids are getting older. )

Each person grabbed as many eggs as they could but with 1 rule. Each person could only have 1 "star" egg which was their date coupons. Grab only their gift ( something small like new socks)
And only 1 Cheetos carrot
Their "Date" eggs were the first to be opened. Mason finally got a movie date.
Hailey found the dinner date and Lily received the ice cream date.
Mason, it's not a real carrot. Silly!
And our sweet Cati received the coupon for "Get Air" the trampoline park but since she's too young for that one ( we were hoping Mason or Hailey would have found that one) we changed it to a Boondocks date. She was perfectly happy with that. :-)
She's showing off her Cheetos. She told me, "I love gluten free cheetos."

Funny side note: Lily really wanted a yo-yo so for her one small gift she of course got one. So she's trying really hard to figure out how to walk the dog.

Last, we went to the annual Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt AND Breakfast.
We've been going here for the past few years and just love it. While the kids get to see their friends I get to see mine. :-)
 One of my friends turning to tell me that my girls are so cute running together.
I know...they are :-)
 They loved it! Cati was memorized by her Elmo egg she found so this slowed her down alittle. Lily would help her (and other littler ones) put eggs in their baskets. I guess she wanted them to feel her excitement sooner than later.  After finding their 13 allotted eggs they went back to the benches to see what treasures they found.

And best of all- Mike came along! Since he started his new work schedule he had today off. YIPPEE!!!!

Only cool moms allow their kids to eat candy at 10am. :-)
 But now it's breakfast time. Lily was amazed by the size of her strawberry.

This Easter was truly amazing. I'm so happy that as a family we've found a way to celebrate holidays while  keeping our focus on Christ.
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