Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dr. Seuss and Jack

When my kids came home and told me that March 2nd is Dr. Seuss's birthday I knew I wanted to do something special.
A fun photo of Lily from a Dr. Seuss free app

After picking up Mason and Hailey from their other dad's I had the idea to have a family movie night. Lorax, Horton, etc. with some eggs and ham for dinner. A few snacks. And maybe print off some coloring pages.

But like usual my plans changed when Mike and I started bickering that we need to spend time together. So my mom came to the rescue and agreed to watch our kids and carry out our party while Mike and I went on a date.

So while my mom was partying Seuss style Mike and I went to dinner at Settebello's. And to not be bias but this pizza was the BEST EVER!!!! (enough exclamation points- I don't think so)!!!!!!!!!!! And we've eaten alot of pizza from lots of different places both in Utah and elsewhere- Chicago, NYC, LA, and none are even close to this place. I had a Celiac attack within minutes of eating it but I did not care! It was too good to pass up :-)

Afterwards we seen the movie Jack and the Giant Slayer.
photo source

My 2 cents about the film- Hummm..... it was....interesting. We liked it but we would have wanted to wait for Redbox instead.  A short fairy tale turned into a 2 hour movie with more action that really necessary. And this movie is definitely NOT a kids's movie. (<---- by our standards) Mason wanted to see this movie but he knows to wait until either we see it or I can find some reviews online. And WOW! I am thankful we seen this movie. I was slightly uncomfortable with all the killings and even more uncomfortable to see so many little kids in the theater. So this movie will be something he will have to wait to see until he is 13 just like the rating suggests.

Anyways back to our double date weekend. This date really helped Mike and I stop bickering. It gave us the alone time we needed to talk, re-connect, and stay focus on our future. And the kids had so much fun with grandma. They loved the party. The next day everyone filled me in on the details on their Dr. Seuss party.

So even though my plans changed everything worked out for the best. :-)

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