Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Discovery Gateway

With everyone healthy again (which is super nice) Lily asked me when she can start going to field trips.

So today we skipped our home-school lesson and went on a field trip to the Discovery Gateway.
With the help of a deal site we paid half price on admission which was super nice :-)

Here's the photo gallery of my cutie pies:

 there was a school field trip on this day which made everything so crowded. But thankfully the school stood together. So when everyone was upstairs we came downstairs. And when everyone was downstairs we headed upstairs. Nice part of this split level museum.

 Lily asked me if she can get piano lessons. I swear this child of mine is more advance than I give her credit for. :-)
 My girls loved this water play place. They spent most of their time here.

After playing for a while we headed outside to have a picnic with the helicopter. My girls loved this idea. So the entire time we had lunch they would take a bite of their food then run back to play and just kept doing this for about 20 minutes.

 While Lily pretended to fly the helicopter Ducati would just pose in a certain place, yell for help, and wait for Prince Charming to rescue her. These 2 girls are completely different in every way. It can be challenging to find things that they would both enjoy but it can also be fun to learn more about each of them.
After 3 hours of playing we finally headed home. Just in time for naptime. This momma needed that break. :-)

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