Saturday, March 30, 2013

Double Dating Coupons

Right after our Neighborhood Egg Hunt our girls wanted to redeem their date coupons
The girls wanted to double date so after explaining that doubling their dates would mean "no big things" (big sundaes or longer playing time) they were fine with it. They just wanted to go together. Sweet♥ moment

First stop was Ducati's Boondock's Date. 

What can I say? Boondocks is close to our house so we go their often.

 (this photo above remind me of her baby photos)
 But they love it here.
 So we played tons of games. Won tons of tickets. And laughed tons more times than all of those combined.
 Prize time. Cati wanted Dad to take her on her date so here she is posing with just him.
 Lily and Ducati got matching owl necklaces.
 I mentioned to Mike that as much as these 2 girls fight they are more alike than they know.
 (Each picked a tiara, owl necklace, and a giant pixie stick. Only difference was color.)

Next and last stop was Lily's Ice Cream Date.
Our Princess Lily is very lady like in her ice cream etiquette.
 Ducati showing me her "Princess Santa" ice cream smile.

Double Dating sure was fun. But sure was exhausting. :P I'm ready for a nap.
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