Saturday, March 23, 2013

Daddy's Day Off

Mike will have about 2 days off a month (not including Sundays) and the scheduling is never known until either the day before or the day of. And today was one of those days that Mike told me the night before that he had the day off. Really? Super smile on my face. :-)

So Lily, Cati, and I had to cancel some plans, re-arrange a few things, and push aside some ideas so we could soak up every minute with Mike today.

So here's what we do on Daddy's Day Off:
 Early morning breakfast date at Denny's. Nobody minded waking up at 6am to eat breakfast with daddy.

 After breakfast we needed a quick stop for warmer coats and then off to Lowe's for the girls Build and Grow clinic.
 Nobody wanted mom's help today. Lily and Cati hovered around Mike wanting him to help them build their claw.
 Fine with me. I understood since this was the first time Mike was able to attend one of their building clinics.
 But even though it was daddy's day off we all chipped in to help him give his car an alignment. The girls gave up on helping so they went down for a nap while I helped Mike. I enjoyed this alone time with him even if I was covered in grease. :-)

Afterwards a quick trip to the thrift store to pop come tags. Hahaha- you'd have to hear the song to know what I'm talking about. Mike dedicated this song to me (song here).
 Taco dinner with Dad.
On Mike's days off I never cook. To me spending time with my hubby is more important than taking an hour to wash dishes and cook dinner.
 And Mike proposed me while eating dinner. Such a sweet ♥ heart :-)
Then puzzle/game time with daddy. See Ducati's huge smile. She's loving this time with her Daddy.

After everyone went to bed I was able to spend some more time and watch an entire movie with Mike without having to pause it and finishing it the next day. Happy dance!

We love these days. It's so much fun spending quality time with Mike.
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