Monday, April 1, 2013

Full time

Mike was offered a full time janitor position at his church job. Yeah!!! :-)

Just days prior Mike called me and told me that his hours at Lifetime would be cut about 20 hours. No big deal -we could make it work. Just careful budgeting and back to minimum payments on our debts. But the bright side was more time with him :-)

More time for family. sleep. house. sleep. callings. sleep. dates. sleep. motorcycle. And did I mention sleep :-)

So we were all very happy for this new schedule. However that night while at the church job Mike was called and offered a full time position. He was so happy that of course he took it. This has been something he's been wanting for sometime now. I couldn't be prouder of him for trusting in the Lord and doing what he's been asked to do.

 And want to know where God's hand was in all of this. Well besides everywhere- Mike's work schedule will be 8 hours in the morning at one job with a 90 minute gap in between to come home, change, play with the kids and off to work again for another 8 hours. PLUS- he gets 1 more hour of sleep in per day. So now he's getting 4.5 hours! (big deal for him.) 

Working 2 full time jobs will have some difficulties for both of us but we have faith in God and his plan for us. We made the goal to bloom where we've been planted. So all will be well. :-)
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