Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Union Station Museum

 The latest earning system in our house are beans! They have these vases that they need to fill to the top with beans in order to earn a super awesome outing. It seems to be helping since they can visually see their progress (and so I can remember their progress as well)
So with beans being so little I had to stretch further than the normal "picking up your clothes" bean. It had to be great work making your bed, sharing your drink, not yelling when angry, sharing your snack, taking turns, not hitting, repenting of your mistake (which they earned handfuls of beans for this one), etc. So within a 3 weeks they had their bean vases full so off we went to the museum.

 My girls had so much fun!! :-) I'm not sure if it was because this place was empty but they got to play with everything. (the conductors thought they were so cute so they were spoiled with tons of attention)

 Pulling the train horn. (I have no idea what it's called (-:  )
 I just liked how this picture came out of them playing on the hand crank rail cart.
 More playing in different types of trains.
 Quick break to play with the train set.
Now to play with the model train that runs through this display.
 After looking through the train exhibit we went into the gun exhibit. I was alittle worried but the man who worked there told me that the cases are bullet proof so they're child proof. He must not have met "A Lily" then. She's one of a kind piece of work who can break "unbreakable" things so just in case I kept her close to me. (-:
 "Look Mom... it's a clothes hamper." says Lily. Great teaching moment on what a gun safe is.
 I challenged my girls to find the tiniest gun they could find. Lily found this one (above) and Ducati found this one(below) After she seen it she told me several times that she wants a baby gun for her birthday.

 Playing with old phone booths. They enjoyed this alot.
Taking a breather before we go outside with our personal conductor guide.
 I'm not sure why but my girls love measuring themselves against wheels. They did this while at the air force museum and here they are measuring themselves against the wheels of this steam engine train.
 Running the length of the mail car train. They kept saying, "It's so BIGGG!!!"
 Now touring the hospital car train. It's so interesting to me to see where and how the injured WW2 soldiers were cared for. Here's Ducati pretending to be the train doctor in his bathroom saying, "OK I'll go pee." I had to hurry and grab her before she pulled her pants down.
 After the guided tour I let the girls run around the train yard and burn off the little bit of energy they had left.

 Now it's lunch time.  A picnic by a train is always more fun than lunch at home.

 Alittle bit more climbing inside the trains. Lily loved it. I learned that Lily isn't afraid of heights. Great thing to learn :-)
 Ducati on the other hand was freaked out. She held onto everything and anything to ensure she wouldn't fall off the train. So after I took this photo she asked me to take her off this scary train. So I left with Cati and let Lily play alittle bit longer.

As we were leaving I took this photo of my 2 special girls in front of the steam train when right after the click the train horn went off.... and that thing is LOUD and it scared the daylights out of us.
Here we 3 were standing on the sidewalk screaming our heads off when I seen a few people pass us laughing their heads off. This helped my girls and I changed our screams into squeals. A funny moment to end our fun day.

We had alot of fun today. I admit that I'm not a big train fan. But I guess that shows since I don't know any train terminology.  I don't know anything about trains except that they run on tracks and the fare is going up on the Frontrunner in April. :-)
But my goal as a mom is to teach and expose my kids to so many new things. Because honestly I'll never know their interests, passions, or talents unless I show them these new worlds outside my comfort zone. So today we tackled trains. And it was a success. :-)
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