Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Paint

I know this is an old photo. But it's the best photo that shows how ugly my living room walls were. I had one with primer on it, one that was white with little crayon markings all of it, and 2 that were this mustard yellow. I hated this yellow. Mike put it up about a year ago.  I was couldn't make a choice on what color to pick so he just threw up whatever color the we had in the garage so I would get more motivated to pick a color. Obviously I didn't get more motivated since it stood up for over a year.

But finally I settled a color and I love it! It's a light blue that I found at Lowe's. It's so calming to now enter this room. I love being in here.
 And a few added additions is Mike's new recliner. No more retro blue. And I'm still not sure about that couch but for now it's least for alittle bit longer.

And another project was out entry way. Mike made me this coat rack a while ago.

It was nice but got too cluttered too fast for me. So we re-did the entry into a semi-mud room/ unloading area.
A place for coats, bags, seasonal items (right now gloves), hats, sunglasses, shoes, and keys. It's really nice to enter our house and have a place where we can put everything. Plus NO MORE MUSTARD YELLOW!!! I love this blue ♥  I really do. (-: Now to finish off a few projects and hang our pictures back up and it'll look more like home to me.
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