Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Awesomeness

This week has been busy. But then again when does life ever slow down...maybe when you're dead. So despite being super busy we still made sure to find some time to have some fun. :-)

 Playing outside on bikes. Then inviting neighbor buddies to join in on a trike parade. This was so entertaining/adorable to watch them all.
Next watch some TV under an umbrella. Who doesn't do that know a days?

Hailey had a date with her grandparents. She enjoyed this time alone with them. ♥

 Last, Cati and I ending our 2 year long stretch and being able to enjoy an ice cream cone. Yummy!!
 I've heard of GF ice cream cones but I had no luck finding them at Whole foods when I went until today. Cati and I squealed in delight in the aisle. Happy Dance! Oh yeah!!
So this week was a nice reminder to be the good in the world. :-) ( our new family motto)

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