Monday, March 25, 2013

FHE: Purity

I only blog this since
 1. I might need this again
2. someone else might need this

I searched on-line for a week and could not find anything that could help me teach this lesson to my children. Last week Mason eye witnessed his friends kissing behind the school. I for one was disappointed to see a bunch of 5th graders making out. Kids who I currently know and have known for years now. I was shocked and surprised since I didn't see that coming. 

So my mind started racing trying to find a way to each my kids about keeping their body and minds clean from sexual...things.... So I had to swallow my doubt, stop my blushing, and teach them first. 

Plus I've read in numerous books about parents waiting until they thought their kid was ready to hear about the birds and the bees to only hear them say, "Oh, I know that". The parent was too late. I do not want to be too late. 
So finding a way to keep this tasteful, age appreciate for Lily and Ducati, and get the point across I prayed about it and this is what I was prompted to teach. 

First I wanted to show my kids what "promiscuous" meant.
 So I grabbed some lipstick and this piece of glass from a frame and had the girls stand in line. Mason was so nice to play along (mostly since I told him he needed to help me). I put some lipstick on each girl and had them kiss the glass. Cati was Mason's 5th grade girlfriend. Lily was Mason's 6th girlfriend. Hailey was his summer gf. Each girl leaving behind a red kiss mark on the glass. And we just kept doing this until Mason was in 10th grade (16 years old) The girls were giggling and Mason was blushing by this time.

I talked with them that Mason has had about 10 kisses on his lips all before he's even allowed to date. So now things got interesting. I must of kissed his glass so many times that he couldn't even see through it.

A kiss from his Friday night date, a kiss from his lady friend, another kiss from his Saturday date, a casual kiss from his friend and so on. All this before he even leaves on his mission.

After everyone was done giggling I showed them Mason's glass. It was covered in lipstick. Mason must haven been kissed like 40 times by the time he was 18 years old. ( In reality he hasn't kissed anyone since a neighbor girl from when he was 5 years old)

I then explained to them that if their 'glass" was filled with kisses from all these other girls or boys can their soul-mate ever find them. Or even see them behind all this lip action. I held the glass up to Mike's face. And explained that if I was busy getting kisses from tons of guys I would have missed my eternal companion  But I wanted my kids to know as well that kissing is great... if you're married. Hugging, kissing, cuddling, all that jazz is wonderful and are suppose to be done with your husband or wife.

and how to do you keep your glass clean?

By keeping your thoughts clean. 1 jar says, " Girls. Boys. Kissing. TV. Video Games. Distractions". While the other jar says, " Faith. Testimony. covenants. relationship with God."
And the vase with water in the back represents our thoughts.

Mike helped me out by showing that if we keep our thoughts in the "good" jar we will be able to keep our thoughts, actions, and bodies clean. But if we keep our attention in the "distraction" jar we'll be making a dirty glass per say. And even 50/50 is something that needs to be worked on. So if they find themselves looking at cute girl or wanting to kiss someone we talked about how to change those thoughts so the wrong jar wouldn't get filled up.

In all honesty it was a stressful, uneasy, and bashful night for me. Talking about kissing, cleaning thoughts, etc is all something I'm not too sure on. But it's something that I need to get over and talk more about with my kids. These types of conversations can't be a once and a while sort of thing. Especial since kids are becoming more curious at a younger age. So purity, modesty, and sex will become a more constant topic in our household.

PS for FHE treat we had vanilla ice cream. Nothing says purity like the color white :-)

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