Sunday, October 31, 2010


This Halloween was alittle complicated. But we did the best we could to remember those important traditions. Due to rainy weather we first went to a Trunk or Treat. It was a nice change of pace. Great people with bowls full of candy! Cati was so excited each time she got a new piece of candy in her bucket.
(Go Lions!)

After this we did some door to door knocking. This was so much fun. I loved hearing Lily say "Tweek or Tweet" I really need to remember this when I am old and gray. Mason and Hailey loved walking around the neighborhood and seeing people from church.

But the best part of Halloween was the next day. I was only going to allow the kids to eat a few pieces of candy and put the rest away for another time. But Mike wanted our kids to have a gorging day. He told me the story of when he was a kid and would trade candy pieces with his siblings and ate candy until his stomach couldn't hold it anymore. And Mike wanted our kids to have that experience as well. So in the church parking lot we told our kids the after-church-plans of the candy feast. And not one minute after church we kept hearing " It's Candy Time!!!" They ran in the house and changed their clothes (in Lily's case she came out only wearing her diaper) and they dug in. For 3 1/2 hours they ate candy after candy. I demanded that they brush their teeth 3 times before bed.

But after that crazy sugar high they haven't asked for any candy. It was a great memory.

( I posted photos of Cati since this is her first Halloween. Our other kids just ran like a bunch of crazies trying to gather more candy from the next house)
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