Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Logan+Cousins= :-)

Our kids love spending time with their cousins. I love watching them play, having fun and growing their relationship with their cousins. So today we all went on an outing to Willow Park Zoo. For $1 we couldn't pass it up. Highlights are much faster then giving a play-by-play....
Hailey and Aurora were best of friends. Hand holding....

and sharing life experiences over a good swing...It was so adorable to listen to Hailey talk to Aurora on how to swing properly. To explain the safety rules to her and talk with such comfort in her voice when Aurora fell off the swing. I have to remember that moment when they are in their 20's. (notice Hailey's shoes are on backwards)

Mason- he loved Teagan...Mason is so great with babies-it's when they grow up is where he has some troubles. There was some bully kids are the park so when 1 of those kids came close to Teagan Mason carried him away and said to me "I have to keep him safe" He's so great with babies.

Ducati and Lily kept to themselves.....Well actually they kept to Mike and I. Since our trip to Idaho they have been glued to our sides. We must of done some emotionally damaged or helped them develop some abandonment issues. Because they need to hear us, see us, and be within fingers reach or they freak out. No more long dates for Mike and I unless we want to scar our children.

 Then Lily and Aurora had a lovely conversation while swinging about a red balloon that was stuck in a nearby tree. They talked about who's daddy was going to climb up the tree to retrieve the balloon. They talked about the color of it, speculated how it got up there,and how sad it was they couldn't play with it. It made my heart smile to listen to them.

 Our kids loved spending time with their aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins. Well we all had fun spending time together.
 We were going to continue our fun into the evening but UN-kind forces changed our plans.
Although sad but all good things must come to an end. At least for a little while.
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