Friday, October 1, 2010

Field Trip Day

If I haven't said it enough- I love homeschooling. Some days I might not being admitting this but for the most part there are so many more benefits that help make it all worth while. Today Mason had a school outing at Treehouse Museum. We love this museum so the fact it was going to be free for 4 members of our family and discounted for Lily and Hailey since they are not students made it a sure thing on our calendar.
First planned activity is the make a castle wall.

Afterwards we headed to a play~performance that was performed with the help of 2 wonderful cousins. Then, lame story time. Stories are great if the storyteller is great. In this case-she wasn't....sad for her. But 1/3 into the story our kids sneaked off and played with the set up toys. I couldn't say anything since Mike did the same thing.

(kids paying attention in the beginning)
(Mason and Aunt Julia)
(Mike sneaking away and playing with a window sticker play station)

But the best part was the end when it was FREE TIME!!!! Our kids played with as much stuff as they could in the last 30 minutes of the field trip. Here are some of my favorite candids-
Ducati refusing to wear this hat for a picture. I can imagine her saying "That's it! No more hats!"
Mike helping out as much as possible.

The best photo of our 3 girls.

Mason was not photographed. He was having a freak out that the field trip was ending. So I didn't want of photo of that. (It was too bad though. He's been doing great except he has been having more melt downs and stuff that makes it unpleasant to experience.)

At the end Mike was gathering the castle walls the kids had made so Lily and I waited outside. She played with the trees and flowers in the garden area outside the doors. But when she seen these brushes just her size she pretended they were horses and galloped away saying "Yee-ha". So cute!
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