Saturday, October 9, 2010


It's very nice when Mike and I are able to go on a little getaway. A getaway from work, school lessons, laundry and kids. But that wouldn't be entirely true. We enjoy it when we can go on a "get-together" -something we can do to maintain our strong and crazy~ in~love relationship. And this time learning to fly fish was our something.

 First we went here....Rexburg,ID Temple. Beautiful! You can see it from the highway so there was no way we could pass it up even at 7pm at night.
 Then here....our room was at a cabin, bar, spa, clinic, gas station,cafe, store, city hall.....all in one building. The bear is the mascot....I think but at least everything was close by, right?
                                                                                        (our room)
 In the morning we were here.....Island Park's Snake River.It was so cold I actually wore a jacket. And I never get cold. Crazy Idaho weather!
 This was my 1st time fishing so when I caught a fish I was so proud of myself and the little 4 inch fish. I am such a pro at fly fishing. was quiet, calm, and relaxing-exactly what we needed

 Mike and his catch for the day. After getting his hook stuck on river grass all day we was able to get this fish  But I can't complain. His hook at least was in the water- I on the other hand kept catching the oar, the paddles, our guides' boot, my coat, or anything else that wasn't in the water.
 After a few hours of fishing we decided to call it a day. We each caught 1 fish, enjoyed our trip and were able to bond with each other by learning something new together. But before we made our 5 hours drive back home we had to pick up some of this...
so we can make these....

I am so glad we won this fly fishing trip to Idaho. Our first year of marriage we got spoiled and traveled everywhere. But after 2 kids, 2 houses, and 2 jobs we had TOO slow down. But it was wonderful to spend time with each other. This is exactly what we needed.

(side note: this is what we needed as parents- my mom watched Lily and Ducati while we were away. So when we came home we weren't expecting this homecoming. I leaned my head against our front door window and Lily seen me. While Mike was unlocking the door we could head her saying "Mommy! Mommy!'' and laughing since she was so excited. I seen Cati's head looking around searching for us. When Mike did open the door she gave me a small hug and ran right towards her daddy and cuddle him for about 20 minutes. Cati started to cry when she seen me and when I reached for her she climbed on my shirt like she was a monkey. This moment not only melted our hearts but made us appreciate being parents 10x's more then before we left)
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