Saturday, October 9, 2010


Today we went to Farmington Pond. This is a place where we didn't even know about until a few months
ago. Nice scenery, peaceful waters and so much fun to watch our kids play with the ducks.
Lily wanted to feed the ducks Burger King fries. At least she's sharing.

"Look Poop!" The things kids are interested in. 

 This was really awesome to watch. Mike seen a fish swimming by the shore. The next thing I seen Mike took off his shoes and was watching the water. Seconds later he scooped a fish out of the water with his bare hand! It was crazy to see. We went to Idaho and he only caught 1 fish but in the pond he catch a fish with his hands. It slipped away before I was able to take a picture of the fish. Lily was standing next to him so he wasn't able to man-handle it.  Mike's truly amazing!

I really enjoy these days when nothing is on the calendar but we find something to do to strengthen our family's bond. 

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