Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin Patch x's 2

The next day after the tire was fixed and the everyone had a good night's sleep our family and Angela's family all headed back to out to continue our family fun at the pumpkin patch. First was the  
Hay Maze-  I'm so glad that this maze is short so -I would hate it if I got lost.(mostly due to embarrassment) 

 After a few times in the maze the cousins and their parents started their search for the perfect pumpkin. We just tagged along since we're great company. Here's Hailey and Aurora...again... enjoying a nice wagon ride from Mike. Hailey has really enjoyed her time with her cousin.

 Afterwards everyone came back to our house and painted pumpkins. Mike and I figured if we planned it correctly that we could get 2 activities from these pumpkins-paint them then later we can carve them. We shall see.

 Mason was the only kid who had a design. All 4 girls painted an abstract picture on their pumpkin.

 (smiling) Mason was so cute with Teagan. I had to take this photo of these 2 boys. Mason was making him laugh so much... and it was so adorable to hear Teagan's littlle baby laugh. But this was the last time we seen everyone. The cousins got sick and weren't able to hang out again before they left to see more family down south. But next time.....that stomach flu better not come around!
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