Saturday, October 16, 2010

Do you wanna s'more?

You're killing me Smalls! (I'm just joking)

On any given day this family can be doing 4-5 different activities and then there are other days where we don't pass our driveway. But those lazy days don't really happen on Saturday. Mike will fill up any empty time slots with some fun activity so on this Saturday we went to Farmington Canyon. It was really fun to have all 4 kids with us on an outing. This only happened since it's our holiday (custody stuff sucks) First Mike made a campfire while I did nothing but watch him. I would say I was supervising.  Then we cooked and  chowed on some hot dogs and chips and drank as much Kool-Aid as we could. So to work off those nice fattening calories we went on a hike. 4 awesome stars (****) were awarded this wonderful day......

*1-was for Lily. A 1 year old that enjoyed hiking. Even though she wore white (my fault), mary jane shoes, and she tripped over a few rocks she was a real trooper and still had fun.

2nd ** goes to Dad- he lead us down a trail where we had no idea where we were going but it landed
us at a beautiful creek. Everyone had so much fun there....even Camo. Plus we
seen this awesome rock recliner. It was just too awesome to pass up a photo-op.
So kudos for you dad.

3rd *** was given to S'mores- we have a secret recipe on how to make the most delicious smores you will ever eat in your life. (our opinion only :-))

If you do this to the marshmallow and put a___  then a ____ it taste so good.YUMMY!!!

 Even Ducati couldn't resist herself for asking for seconds.
4th **** goes to Mom- for taking some pretty awesome photos of our day trip to the Canyon.

( Can I point out that since this day trip was a quick decision I did not remember to change my shoes so I went hiking in flip flops...I should get an extra star just for that)

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