Saturday, October 2, 2010

Teagen.....and other stuff

Mike's sister,Angela, and her hubby,Jerome, and their 2 little ones, Rori and Teagen, are in town from overseas so everyone was excited to see their little cousins...(and of course their aunt and uncle too!) Mike's mom did family photos but here are the photos that we really wanted.
Ducati and Teagan. They are a few months apart but they are practically the same size. At first they just stared at each other and talked their private baby-talk but then Cati had to show off her toughness and pulled his hair. What can I say? With 3 older siblings she tends to be a tough little girl.

 Here's Lily checking out Teagan. She checked that he had eyes, nose, ears, etc were in the right spot. I think she is smelling him here. After she gave her stamp of approval she gave him a quick kiss on his head.

 After family photos the 9 cousins that were there playing played for hours. It was sweet to see.

 Ducati decided that today she was going to climb up and down stairs in front of everyone. Maybe to show off to her cousin,Teagen. It was so adorable to see her little legs climb up and down those huge stairs. I hate these milestones that rub it in my face that she is growing up.
But here is Mike with his nephew. It was so adorable to watch him. Cati is not much of a cuddler with Mike. (She's a momma-girl) So he enjoyed these moments of tenderness.

Everyone just loved seeing family again. Some faces where familiar and some where brand new. Hailey kept saying " I don't know him" then would point to Teagen. Ha ha--- she knows him now. (And my apology to everyone else I didn't photograph.....we have photos of you)
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